IOS version Google+ update

Google today released cheap oakleys
the iOS version Google+ update, now the app has been updated to 4.4.0 version. In this update, Google focused on enhance the Google+Photos, for example, added a new Auto Enhance (automatic enhancement) features, just a simple click away repairing images. Also added automatic backup, automatic highlighting, automatic actions such as landscaping and control. Here are the specific updates: -Auto Enhance your photos look better Highlights-view all photos -Share short cheap oakley sunglasses
animation, Quan Jingzhao -Hangouts has become an independent application -Associated label to find content of interest -Add more file edit fields and the ability to upload the oakley sunglasses cheap
cover photo -A cheap oakley sunglasses
new interactive Google Offer deals -Controls the frequency of hot deals -Supports strikethrough text content displayed -Add the ability to edit comments -Add the ability to copy a traded permanently linked IOS version Google+ can be downloaded for free in the App Store, the file size is 28.5 MB.

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