to the lunch time, you decide to go out for a walk

Gubulier said: "for example, to the lunch time, you decide to go out for a walk. Google know what time it is and where you are. It also knows your online consumer behavior, so manufacturers can obtain this information through Google cloud. Corner like a sales Belgium chocolate shop, this shop know you like chocolate and is one block away. "At this time the shop can send notifications to oakleys
It exists a complex situation: now possible through Web-based services on mobile devices to send push notifications, the provisions are written in a standard called HTML5. But others said that once the standard-setting body in this area to be strongly promoted, then sends push notifications can be achieved through this way. Last week, a social communications applications called Kik announced in its SMS services are developed on the basis of an HTML5-based Internet application platform can now send push oakley sunglasses
Although the forecast for major brands and developers how to "glasses" too early to make money, but one of the ways may be based on the user's location, on the card through the timeline of Google goggles offers push notifications may also by now belong to the new concept and have not yet been tested, so you cannot determine a way.oakley outlet

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